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IBM SlamTracker is the premier scoring application for the US Open which provides real-time scores, statistics, and point-by-by analysis of the Match.

IBM SlamTracker leverages player and ball position data to provide insights such as "Depth of Serve" and "Distance/Point" a player may have traveled along with traditional stats such as aces, winner, unforced error, etc.

In 2016 we have added insights based on "pressure situations" within a match (down 0-40 in a game or down 2 sets). These insights show the historical performance for a player when in these specific "situations", revealing hidden patterns in player and match dynamics.

IBM Slamtracker's "Keys to the Match" feature, built on IBM's predictive analytics technology (SPSS), mines over 8 years of Grand Slam Tennis data analyzing of both players' historical head-to-head match-ups, as well as statistics against comparable player styles to determine what the data indicates each player must do to do well in the match.

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